Take advantage of our website support services for optimal performance, security and peace of mind

After we've built your website, we won't just leave you high and dry, wave goodbye and abandon the ship. You are part of our website family and community now and we will support you in whatever way best fits your needs.

We provide two plans for ongoing website support and maintenance. Our WordPress Support Service and our Content Updating Service.

WordPress Support Service

For clients with WordPress websites who have signed up for our web hosting service, we offer an ongoing support and maintenance plan.

Our WordPress Support Service costs €7.50 per month charged anually at €90

This is a great deal for clients who want all the benefits of WordPress but don't want the burden of WordPress backend administration. It is highly recommended for your peace of mind and to ensure your website software is always up-to-date and secure. Our service includes:

  • WordPress core updates
  • Plugin updates
  • Theme updates
  • Security monitoring
  • Offsite backups
  • Comment spam blocking and removal (if you have a blog with comments turned on)

All software, plugin, and security updates are done weekly to make sure everything is functioning smoothly and your website is right up-to-date. Offsite backups are done monthly. Automatic daily backups are already included as part of your web hosting plan.

Content Updating Service

We understand that website updating can be an intimidating prospect for many people. For clients who prefer a hands-off approach to content management, we provide a Content Updating Service.

Our Content Updating Service costs €7.50 per month charged anually at €90*

This service is available for all our clients, including those with WordPress sites. We will take care of all minor content updates on your existing web pages. Our service includes the following common examples:

  • Text revisions and changes
  • Adding new content to existing pages
  • Updating price lists, restaurant menus, opening hours, contact details etc.
  • Changing or adding new images
  • Updating image galleries
  • Adding new sections to existing pages
  • Adding multi-media items such as videos or audio

*The service is limited to a maximum of 6 hours work per year. All work will be itemised so that we know how much time we are spending. If you reach your limit, extra work will be charged at our normal hourly rate (€25 per hour). Or, if you wish, you can extend your service plan to take advantage of the lower rate.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need your WordPress Support Service?

WordPress websites need to be handled with care, tuned for performance, and updated on a regular and ongoing basis. This is because the software behind WordPress and the plugins installed on your website are constantly being improved and updated. Every time the software is updated, you need to update the software on your website as well. If you don't keep your software up to date, you will receive alarming warning messages portending imminent disaster! It's a serious issue. Not updating your software can cause security and compatibility issues with your website. As a result, your website may no longer function correctly, or even worse, it could end up being hacked. In short, keeping your WordPress software, plugins and themes up to date is an absolute priority to avoid problems and ensure that your website runs smoothly.

Can I update the WordPress software and plugins myself?

Yes. If you have experience managing a WordPress website and know what to do, you can take care of it yourself. Please be aware that if something goes wrong and you ask us to fix it we will have to charge you for the work required. If the site cannot be easily fixed, we may have to restore from a backup. We should reiterate that keeping your software up-to-date is essential for the health of your website and needs to be done on a regular and ongoing basis.

Can I use your WordPress Support Service if I have my own web host?

No. Unfortunately, we can't take responsibility for your WordPress site if you host it elsewhere. This service is only for clients who use our web hosting service.

Why do I need your Content Updating Service?

Whether or not your site is equipped with a content management system, we understand that website updating can be an intimidating prospect for many people. Perhaps you don't want to learn how to use the CMS, or you are too busy, or have a genuine fear of technology. Or you may just prefer your content updates to be handled by someone else who knows the ropes and can deal with any tricky or time-consuming issues that might come up. If you fall into any of these categories, and for anyone else who prefers a hands-off approach to content management, these are good reasons to use our Content Updating Service.

We provide a fast and efficient updating service and offer priority support and a lower hourly rate for clients who sign up under our plan.

What if I don't want your Content Updating Service but do need occasional updates?

If you don't require our Content Updating Service but need some occasional changes to your website, that's no problem. Just let us know what you want and we'll take care of it for you. In this case, we will bill you for the cost of the work on a per-job basis at our normal hourly rate.

Can you update my blog for me?

Yes, we can manage your blog and post new articles if required. Please speak to us if this is the case so we can organise a blog posting schedule. You will have to provide us with the text and images you want included in your posts.

Can you clearly explain all the ongoing support costs for my website?

The ongoing costs for your website will include your annual web hosting fee and any additional support services you sign up for.

  • Web Hosting = €90
  • Web Hosting + Content Updating Service = €180
  • Web Hosting + WordPress Support Service = €180
  • Web Hosting + WordPress Support Service + Content Updating Service = €270

All web hosting and support costs will be charged annually in advance.

You will also need to renew your domain name every year with your domain registrar. Costs are typically around €20 per year.